Bahia de Salinas Kiteboarding

11-28-11 to 12-2-11   Kiteboarding in Bahia de Salinas, Costa Rica

This bay is amazing and sits in the northwest corner of the country, very close to Nicaragua.

The conditions are a little tough, gusty, a lot of up and down wind and swells but it’s still great and the scenery is spectacular. I was on my 7.5 Kahoona and 134 Armada today, had a blast and kited over to this island, Isla Bolanos, kicked off my board and took a break on the beautiful beach.

Dave Grove, a professional kiteboarder, catching some sick air.

My rental car, a Daihatsu Be Go, and yes, to the right of my car is what they call a “road” in Costa Rica!

Bob S. He runs Cometa Copal, provides lessons and rents gear. And he’s a local from Long Beach Island, NJ.

Rick H. He’s an instructor / local at Bahia de Salinas and gets huge air!

Rick H.

Rick H.

Rick H.


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