Outer Banks, NC 2010

Day 1,  3-27-10  Unloading is always better than loading it back up!

Ken, me, Dave, Bob and Chuck spent Friday night in a hotel in Salisbury, MD and finished the drive Saturday morning. We got to the house after lunch and had wind all afternoon, NNE, low to mid-20s, scratching close to 30 in the gusts. We had a great session on 5.0s, hit the hot tub and then the Avon Café (formerly Hodads) for dinner. Geoff, Bill and Bill showed up early Sunday morning. JD and Uli arrived Sunday afternoon. And congratulations to the original crew, they celebrated their 20th anniversary for this trip this year!

Twilight on Pamlico Sound.

Ayy, ’tis grand!

Day 2, Sunday 3-28-10

The wind turned on late in the afternoon, SW, a bit up and down but still good, 6.0s to 7.0s, another great day on the bay! Two highlights: Chuck (driving Bob’s pickup) accidentally backing into the basketball hoop pole and knocking it down, and Dave (fortunately going slow!) sailing too close to Chuck, dropping his sail and slamming it down onto Chuck’s head!

Ken, trying to figure out what went wrong with his kite – and how to get out of it!

Day 3, Monday 3-29-10

A fluky, rainy morning. They were calling for big winds but it never quite got there, it was blowing S, mid-teens to high twenties. I went out at around 11 a.m., schlogged on my 5.0, went in and got my 6.2 and that was the rig. I was tired though from the past two days and didn’t stay out long, almost an hour but still got some screaming good runs. Weather update: it’s still raining and gusty, just hit 35 mph.

Lyle, on his 5.0 in the rain, showing the cheese-eaters how it’s done!

Bob, looking good even though he’s overpowered on a 5.3 in the mid-30s!

Another great jam session!

We set the Guinness Book of World Records for most sails flipped in one shot – every nested pile went when the wind shifted while we were eating dinner so we piled up all our sails in the car port.

Day 4, Tuesday 3-30-10

Another great day – more wind! Small sails all around in the morning, it was blowing WNW, high teens to mid-twenties, way too much fun! It died around lunchtime then picked up nicely again at around 4 p.m. and we had a great late afternoon session on 6.0s and 7.0s.

Bob blastin’!

Ken jibing

Bob and Dave

Bob, Bill S., Chuck and Dave

Geoff, carving up the bay!

Bill S., looking good after a two-year layoff!

Lyle jibing

Bob and Lyle

Uli jammin’!

Uli and JD

Chillin’ on the beach after another great day.

Day 5, Wednesday 3-31-10

Guess what – more wind! We had a healthy SW shot in the morning, scratching low 20s in the gusts before dropping off around 10:30 a.m.

Geoff blastin’!

Ken on his kite

His Airness – Ken!

Ken is trying to get us all into kiting. Here’s Geoff practicing his signature move – the slam the trainer kite into the bay trick!

The ugly aftermath of the First Outer Banks Slam Dunk Competition!

Day 7, Friday 4-2-10

Another great sunset

We had our own Burning Man!

The only sad part – packing up and leaving!


3 Responses to “Outer Banks, NC 2010”

  1. Steve D. Says:

    LB; Great shots, enjoy.

    Mom & Dad

  2. That looked like some real “shredding” going on there!
    Have fun: See you this summer. Your gonna have to get into the kite surfin thing this year!!

  3. Lost Bill Says:

    Lyle, Thanks for chronicaling the week. Its nice to have a communications specialist in the group. You definitly captured what the week was all about.

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