Outer Banks, NC 2013

The Outer Banks, NC  4/6/13 to 4/13/13

The Sweet Machine III / Mobile Living Unit locked, loaded and ready to roll – all the way to the Outer Banks!

1A car 4

I was psyched to be on the road Saturday morning (after spending Friday night at a hotel in rockin’ Salisbury, MD), was hopped up on the six Mallomars I had for breakfast, large cup of coffee and the Rolling Stones cranking on the radio and got pulled over for doing 75 in a 55 on Rt. 13 in Maryland. The cop was cool though and said I was doing 74 and that the fine was cheaper, $90 instead of $160. Thanks officer!

1 ticket

I had three crews down there this year: the Boston/Ludlow, VT crew I always go with, my NJ crew (who, by coincidence, rented their house the same week) and the Jon the Canadian crew (who by now is an honorary member of the Boston/Ludlow, VT crew!) I got to the house at around 4 p.m. Saturday, after meeting Konrad and Robert at the Mexican restaurant near the Food Lion. The wind was fluky and strong, ENE, not the best direction for behind our house but I went out on my 7.5  Kahoona and got a good 45 minute session in. Robert got blown downwind (although he did learn how to stay upwind on this trip) so Konrad chased him down in a kayak. I picked them up at the Canadian Hole. And Konrad invented a new sport – Kite Kayaking!

3 k & r 4-6-13

We had a phenomenal year – sun and wind every day! It was one of the best years, if not the best year, we had down there in the 11 years I’ve been going. We only got skunked once, Sunday. Here’s the view from the upper deck of our house:

4 view 1

5 view 2

6 view 3

The crew, chillin’ on the beach (which is also our backyard!)

7 crew 4-7-13

The tub and the beers are ready!

8 hot tub

Our neighbor is growing a science project in their pool!

algae pool

Bob B., blastin’!

Bob 2

Bob B. again, chillin’ on the beach.

Bob 3

Dave & Jim

dave & Jim

Dave P., blastin’!


Jimmy Q, blastin’!

jim q

Your humble guide and narrator, on my 15 M Taboo.

Lyle 1

Me again.

Lyle 2


Lyle 4

I made my specialty for dinner one night, tacos and burritos.



Uli 1

Uli again

Uli 2

There are great sunsets down at the Outer Banks.

sun 1 day 5

sun 2 day 5


aaron 1

The beach again.

beach day 5

Jim R.

jim 1


martin 1

Robert and Konrad

robert & konrad


robert 1

Robert, Konrad and Jim

robert, konrad & jim

Jon the Canadian

jon 1


jon 2

Jon again.

jon 3

Another great sunset.






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