Best RV Kiting Tour, Oct. 2011

The Best RV Kiteboarding Tour came to Sandy Hook and it was great, they let us demo their newest kites and boards.

Sunday, Oct. 2, 2011

This is the view from the Twin Lights of the Navesink, two historic lighthouses in Highlands. That’s Sandy Hook in the foreground and Manhattan (the greatest city in the world!) in the background.

I believe this dude’s name is John.

Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2011

Tony, from Best Kiteboarding.

A bunch of us went to Johnny Macs, a really cool pizza/beer joint, in Asbury Park, for dinner.

Remember these things?!?

Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011

Fun toys!

Ryan Evans, from Best Kiteboarding


Ryan, and you can see the Twin Lights of the Navesink in the left-hand corner up on the hill.

Ryan riding the red kite, Vadim from Green Hat Kiteboarding riding the blue kite.


Tony, from Best Kiteboarding (and I first met him in Aug. 2010 when I camped next to him and his wife Carol at Nitinat Lake on Vancouver Island.)








4 Responses to “Best RV Kiting Tour, Oct. 2011”

  1. Dude, some pics of you sailing, send me some.

  2. Wow, Lyle. Nice to see close up what I watch from my house and see across the bay to ‘kite island’. These guys are talented. With more ‘waves under your keel’ you’ll be just as good, I’m sure.

  3. Sweet pics. I gotta get out there one day.

  4. Uncle Allen Says:

    Cool pix. Too bad it doesn’t look dangerous enough or I’d be there too.

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