Outer Banks, NC 2011

Day 1, Sat. 4-2-11

Ken and I got to the house at about 2:30. Dave, Jimmy Q, Chuck, Mike (one of the new guys) and Bob B. were already there and blastin’ on the water. I went out on my 6.2 and had a great session. Bill S. and Geoff also showed up. We saw ominous, dark clouds in the distance and thought it was far enough away and moving north of us. Wrong on both counts! A brief squall blew in with gusts hitting 45 mph. Geoff was the only one out there but he made it.

We set the record this year for most gear stuffed into Ken’s van!

The sunsets are great down here.

Day 2, Sun. 4-3-11

We had a good session in the morning, 6.2 sailing. The wind shut down at around 11:30 am for the day.


Jimmy Q

The editor of Windsurfing Magazine and a bunch of board testers were staying about three houses down the beach from us. The editor let Geoff and Bill S. try the tandem board.

Day 3, Mon. 4-4-11

Cranking wind, all day! It was steadily building, hitting 30 mph in the afternoon. I started on my 5.0 and went to my 4.2.

Dave and Billy-Paul

Day 4, Tues. 4-5-11

More cranking wind in the morning, small sails all around, gusts hitting 43 mph. I took the morning off and needed a break. We watched another squall move in and it was wild, you could see a huge wind line coming across the bay and one gust (according to iwindsurf.com) hit 68 mph. Rob (one of the new guys) was the only one out there but he made it. The wind came down in the afternoon and I went out on my 6.2 and had a good session.

JD scored some awesome, fresh tuna and made killer sushi and sashimi with it.

Day 5, Weds. 4-6-11

A light day, some of the guys went out on big sails in the afternoon. I repaired a tear in my 5.0. We watched a great movie tonight, Master and Commander, about naval battles during the Napoleonic wars.

Day 6, Thurs. 4-7-11

A light, but decent day. 6.2 sailing in the morning, 7.5 in the afternoon.

Day 7, Fri. 4-8-11

I started taking kiteboarding lessons this trip and it’s fun. But you have to be really careful launching and landing the kite. During my first lesson today I asked my teacher how to land and launch the kite without getting yanked. We were in the water, she told me how and said to land the kite on one wing tip and I did, fine. She then told me to bring the kite back up to 12:00 and I did, but too fast, and bam! I got sent flying. You get launched out of the water, it happens real fast and it’s scary.

Weds., 4-13-11

So far I’ve taken four kiting lessons. Got my ass kicked (was limping yesterday from pain in my left knee and right hip/lower back) but have also gotten in some really good rides. I rode to the right for the first time yesterday, which sounds lame but is actually progress. It’s typically easier to ride in one direction, usually to the left.

I also bought my first kiting gear:  a Liquid Force Edge board (a 146), a 12 M Liquid Force Envy kite (red, orange and black – it’s totally sweet!), bar/lines/leash and an Ion harness.

Another great sunset.

Friday, 4-15-11

I spent about 3 hours on the water with JD and he taught me a lot. I got some really good runs in and my new kite and board are great.

My fifth day ever on a kite.

My new toys.


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  1. Geoff aka "Big Bitch" Says:

    Hey – We want pictures of the instructors! I’ll send you some photos and Wx related pics so as to document the Awesome wx week!

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