Mets, Peter Luger’s 8-24-09

Dad and I went to the Mets – Phillies game (unfortunately the injury-decimated Mets lost, 6-2) at their new stadium, this being their first season there. Then we cruised down to Brooklyn for a gluttonous feast at Peter Luger’s steakhouse.

CitiField sign

Jackie Robinson's #

Remnants of the 1964 World’s Fair.

'64 World's fair

'86 players

Mets sign





Bonding with nature – and urban grit!



The world’s best $2.95 piece of bacon – the Peter Luger Thick Cut appetizer!


Quick, call PETA – it’s still kicking!


Dad and me. We actually still had room for dessert and shared a chocolate mousse with Peter Luger’s world-famous Schlogg, the richest, thickest, best whipped cream on the planet!


Not Peter Luger’s but an LBI specialty – Lyle’s bagel!

LBI bagel


8 Responses to “Mets, Peter Luger’s 8-24-09”

  1. Peter Lugers is one of our favorites. Looks like you had a great time!

  2. Will be in NY on Sat – thinking I need to have dinner a Lugers. Nice pork is right – haven’t seen bacon like that since jd skinned that pig down in Hatteras!

  3. I would die without steak in my life !!! Looks like a good time. Except for the METS !!!

  4. Nice looking piece of bacon…..can you call it bacon when its that thick? Or is it just a chunk of ham.

  5. you guys look good. cant believe end of summer and havnt been dwn to LBI to hang. what’s on bagel, olives?

  6. Nice shots. I cannot believe you had not been to Lugers before. Great steaks. Don’t know about that bagel.

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