LBI May 14 – 17, 2009

Ayy, ’tis grand!


Thurs.  May 14

JD, Bob and Ken arrived Thursday night. The forecast wasn’t calling for any wind on Friday so JD and I drank beer, tequila and shot pool until 2:30 a.m.

“Hmm,  tomorrow I need to sleep late and eat a big sandwich.” Homer J. Simpson


Sat. May 16

Got skunked on Friday but today was great! A south wind all day with sun in the morning, fog in the afternoon.  Bob “The Animal” Bayerl was first on the water, started with an 8.0, was overpowered, went down to 6.7, was overpowered then had fun on his 6.1. I was on my 7.5 for the morning sesh, overpowered at times but stayed with it. Ken was on his 15 M kite, JD was on his 17 M. JD was overpowered, went to his 12 M for the afternoon. Ken stayed on his 15 M. The morning was great, wind and sun. The afternoon got a little freaky as fog was rolling in and out. I started on my 7.5, got overpowered and went to my 6.2 and 103 L Fanatic Bee and that was the rig. At times we couldn’t see the house because of the fog and there were also times Bob and I couldn’t see John and Ken’s kites, they were up in the fog, and all we could see were their bodies zipping across the water. JD and Ken caught the flat water in the channel to the left of the house. “Oh yeah, it was killer,” Ken said.

Saturday night Bob and I watched One-Eyed Jacks, a western starring Marlon Brando and Karl Malden (and the only movie directed by Brando). JD and Ken shot pool behind us in the living room. Their game (where you tally points) turned into the longest, most-complicated pool game ever as they discussed the rules and strategy before each and every shot! Note to Ken and JD: try 8-ball next time!

Bob, jammin’ !


JD, jammin’ !


JD, getting ready to jump the dike AND the lighthouse!

JD Lighthouse

Sun. May 17

NW wind, gusty but good. It turned on around 9 a.m. and didn’t shut down until late afternoon. Ken and I went out on small rigs in the morning, I was on my 5.0 and Vivace (94 L), Ken was on the new rig he bought in Hatteras, his 5.5 Goya and 84 L Exocet (which is an incredibly light board, I picked it up.) At about 10:30 a.m. the wind died down a bit and I went in and got my 6.2 Simmer (Darth Vader) and 103 L Fanatic Bee. Ken took a break, said he couldn’t figure out why he was so tired then wondered if it was from all the tequila he drank all weekend. JD went out on his 12 M kite, had some trouble with it in the gusts, went in and put up his 9 M Liquid Force Havoc that he got on the last Hatteras trip.

JD watching Lyle blastin’ on Darth Vader, thinking, you know, windsurfing really is cool. I’m going to sell all my kite gear to Ken and go back to windsurfing. And besides, I really miss Aladdin’s shoe!


Lyle, blastin’ !

Lyle 2

Lyle, landing JD’s kite. JD, praying Lyle doesn’t screw up his kite!


Jibe clinic anyone!?

Lyle jibe

Ayy, the wind is grand!

Flag 1


2 Responses to “LBI May 14 – 17, 2009”

  1. Uncle Allen Says:

    The wind surfing shots are okay, but I really like how you composed that sandwich pic… the way the pickles nestle up to the coleslaw is priceless.

  2. I bought some red electrical tape this morning to fix the hole in the pirate flag. It will match and look wonderful!

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