West Island, MA Oct. 9 – 12, 2009

Day 1 – Fri. October 9, Tower Beach

1 cars & tower

2 tower sign

“Dude, does that look like a German sub?” “No man, it’s a whale.” “Dude, that’s a sub.”

3 tower

Ken likes his boards so much he kite-sails with two at a time!

4 ken 2 boards

Your humble guide and narrator (on my 7.5)

5 me tower beach

“Fire is inspirational. When you’re on fire and running down the street, people get out of your way!” The great Richard Pryor.

6 cool fire

Day 2 – Sat. October 10, behind Bob’s house

Ayy, ’tis grand!


Ken, on the land trainer, trying to remember how to windsurf again.

Ken learning

Bob, coming in for a jibe.

Bob turning

Heather, having fun!


Ken’s out there somewhere. When we don’t see his kite anymore we’ll go looking for him. After a few beers. And when the burgers are done on the grill. And after Bob finishes off another Captain Morgan’s.

kite 1

Still Day 2 – in the North Cove

Bob and Lyle

Bob & Lyle 1

“Excuse me, watch your way. Coming through.”

Bob & Lyle 4

Ken, getting ready.

Ken kite land

Ken, defying gravity yet again.

Ken air

Ken cruising


Lyle 3

Lyle 4

Bob, after hearing the great news from his doctor: he can turn that strange growth on his head into a sail!

sail N. Cove 10-10-09


Day 3 – Sunday Oct. 11

We were going to go cow tipping, but then there was wind!


Bob, showing a sailboat how it’s really done!

Bob & Sailboat

Jim Q – jammin’!

Jim Q 1

And more jammin’!

Jim Q 3




4 Responses to “West Island, MA Oct. 9 – 12, 2009”

  1. Why don’t you just go on Survivor?

  2. Uncle Allen Says:

    Nice pix. I see you managed to sneak in a naked teat shot.

  3. looks like fun. 2. are you wearing that blue and red ski jacket you have been wearin for the last 25 years? 3. BRRRR!

  4. Ruth and VAl Says:

    great shots!!! you are a wild and crazy guy!!!!!

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