Wakeboarding & more in CT

Tom, Vince, Selena and I spent the second weekend in September in Connecticut at the Brownstone Exploration and Discovery Park (a very cool water park in an abandoned quarry) and at Selena’s college, Quinnipiac University, and had a blast!

The Brownstone water park, Portland, CT (about half an hour from Hamden, where Selena’s school is) 9-10-11

We zipped-line down the two cables.

Oops! I told them the dock was the other way!

The tank provides fuel for the motor. The motor moves the cable. The dude controls the cable with a controller box to let people wakeboard.

Lyle wakeboarding.

Fun toys!

My car needed some ballast for the ride home (it’s actually a landscaping decoration Tom took from CT.)

Selena wakeboarding (she and I were the dock start champions!)

Tom and Selena

Vince and Selena

Tom wakeboarding

Vince wakeboarding

The next day we went to the Sleeping Giant State Park, right across from Quinnipiac University.

Quinnipiac University

There’s a cool castle on the mountain across from the school.

Selena, Vince and Tom


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