Vail, CO 2011

Vail, Colorado Feb. 5 – 12, 2011

Day 1, Sat. Feb. 5

“Let’s go snow!” One of the ski bum employees at Christy Sports, Vail Village, clapping and celebrating over the fact that it was snowing outside.

Vail Village.

Day 2, Sun. Feb. 6

The mountain got plenty of snow, over a foot, during the previous two days. That meant knee-deep freshies and a ton of powder!

Ted the Plumber – lovin’ life!

Unfortunately my skinny chicken legs got tired real fast (I also had not skied in two years) and called it an early day. To ease the aching pain in my legs and knees I had some margaritas at lunch, including a blue one.

Lindsey, our wonderful chalet girl, made delicious meals all week, including this salad with pears, Gorgonzola cheese and thinly sliced cucumbers.

Day 3, Mon. Feb. 7

More snow everywhere, another great day on the hill.

Ted finished off the rest of this poor guy with his Epic Burger for lunch at the Two Elks Lodge.

And this poor guy got lost on the hill.

The two Teds – tearing it up!

Happy Hour at the Red Lion.

Day 4, Tues. Feb. 8

Nines all around: we got out early and were on the hill by 9:00 am. The mountain got nine inches of new snow overnight. And it was chilly in the morning – nine degrees outside! We got some great runs off the Northwoods Express Lift then went to Blue Sky Basin. Then we hit Pete’s Bowl, the sun came out and we had more great runs – a ton of snow in the sun! I rented a pair of fat skis for the powder and they were great and made a huge difference.

Ted, droppin’ in.

Jeff, Mark and Mike (in the background by the tree.)

Day 5, Wednesday Feb. 9

Half the crew left this morning and had to go back to Boston. Ted the Plumber, Paul, Emily and I took the day off. It was sunny and nice and the first day since we got here that it didn’t snow.

How to fill a hot tub when the outside spigot is frozen: get Ted the Plumber, some duct tape and a hose!

Ted and I went into Vail Village for lunch.


3 Responses to “Vail, CO 2011”

  1. Chris Kirkpatrick Says:

    Awesome! Nothing like some great snow, vertical, and beers at the bottom…

  2. Thanks for posting! I’m the sculptor for the racer and I’m psyched you shared images of it deep in the fresh! Gail Folwell

  3. You’re certainly welcome Gail and it’s an awesome sculpture! Lyle

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