Kite Island, misc.

Sandy Hook, NJ 6-20-13

Lyle 2 SH 6-20-13

James St., Long Beach Island, NJ 7-20-13

Lyle 4

James St., Long Beach Island, NJ 7-20-13

Lyle 3

Leonardo (Raritan Bay, NJ) 10-13-13

Lnrd Lyle 2

Sandy Hook, NJ 12-13-14

L SH me 3 12-13-14

Sandy Hook, NJ 12-13-14

L SH me 4 12-13-14

Sandy Hook, NJ 12-13-14

L SH me 5 12-13-14

Sandy Hook, NJ 11-28-14

Me 1 SH 11-28-14

Manahawkin Bay (Kite Island South) 7-26-15



Me and Rob, James St., LBI, NJ 11-30-14

rob and I,11-30-14 LBI

In the ocean at LBI, NJ 12-22-13

LBI me 1, 12-22-13

Sandy Hook, NJ 6-24-14

me 3 SH 6-24-14

Sandy Hook, NJ 6-23-14

SH 1, 6-23-14

Self launching at the ocean, Sea Bright, NJ 6-22-14

slf lnch sea bright 6-22-14

Sandy Hook, NJ 7-25-13: Jaro, Darko, Lyle and Jim

Jaro, Darko, Lyle, Jim

Pamlico Sound, Outer Banks, NC  April 2013

Lyle 1 RSZD OBX 4-13

Seaside, NJ 6-16-13

Lyle Ssd 6-16-13

My fifth day ever on a kite (while getting a great lesson from JD), Pamlico Sound, Outer Banks, NC 4-11

OBX April 2011

Friday 6-24-11

Tried to do some kiteboarding out at Kite Island today. Mother Nature cooperated – a bit too much! Check out the ramp up in wind at about 2 p.m. It hit close to 70 mph!

There were eight of us out there. A few kites were set up (including my 12 M Liquid Force Envy) and sitting on the beach. Nobody was out riding, we were watching the storm clouds off to the west, hoping it would pass. It didn’t and we got nailed. It was cold, raining and tons of lightning. We hunkered down under our kites to try and stay somewhat dry. One dude’s kite (Will’s) got blown off the beach. When things calmed down he and Vadim went out on the boat and found it about 2 miles from the island. It rained/stormed on and off for about three hours. The wind wasn’t good enough, we couldn’t ride so we eventually called it a day and went back to the marina in Waretown.


We fit all this gear, and a lot more, on the white boat docked behind everything.


Ayy, Kite Island. Where only the strong survive!


I got up early to do a sunrise wakeboarding session (to catch the calm, flat water) with Tom and his neighbors, the two Vinces. The bridge is the one that goes over to LBI.

Lake Arenal, Costa Rica, December 2011

Lyle 4

Jaro (and yup, he’s that good!) Leonardo Beach, Raritan Bay, NJ 10-13-13

Jaro 15

JD doing what he did best – having fun! LBI, Sept. 2008

JD LBI Sept. 2008


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