Long Beach Island, NJ

A lot of people make fun of my beloved home state of New Jersey, but they’ve obviously never been to Long Beach Island (LBI). Here’s me and my Dad (the coolest Dad in the world) at LBI (6-3-08). He’s mugging for the camera, pretending he’s a crazy windsurfer like his sonny boy!


Labor Day Weekend, Sept. 4 – 7, 2009

Lyle, blastin’ !


blastin' 1, 9-6-09

blastin' 3, 9-4-09

That’s right, I’m bad!

LBI 9-6-09, 3

Dad and Chance

chance & dad

Chance and Garrett

chance & garrett

chance couch

“Hmm, now all I need is a six-pack of Corona.”

chance floor

“Ad-venture pup, ad-venture pup. They called him, ad-venture pup!”

chance pool

chance closeup

pelican statue


Taco power feast! (9-25-09)


An LBI specialty – Lyle’s bagel! (8-27-09)

Ken caught an alien! (9-27-09)


Hurricane Bill, 8-23-09

Hurricane Noel, 11-3-07



3 Responses to “Long Beach Island, NJ”

  1. Thanks for the coolest dad plug but I look 30 pounds heaver than I believe I am. Guess I have to keep the pouch in.


  2. Uncle Allen Says:

    Boy, Chance looks pretty fat and past his prime. Oh wait, Jeez, I was looking in the mirror…

  3. Cool pix of Allen…oh wait, its Chance.

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