Outer Banks, NC 2014

Day 1 (4-5-14)

We got to the house around 2:30. There was decent wind, I went down to Kite Point and hooked up with my Jersey crew and had a good late-afternoon session on my new Best TS 12M and it’s an awesome kite! This was the first time I flew it. This was also Tom and Joanna’s first trip down here with us, they took kiting lessons at Real, had a blast and they both got up and riding!

Andy K. at Kite Point

Day 2 (Sunday, 4-6-14)

A little chilly day, NE wind. I hooked up with my Jersey crew at Kite Point again and flew my 7.5 Kahoona. I did about a 2.5-mile up-winder to our house in Avon and saw the guys behind the house. I couldn’t get too close to the house though, my tacks going out (west) were fine but the wind got real fluky and light the closer I went to the shore up by our house because the houses were blocking it. My kite fell out of the sky, it took a good five minutes but I relaunched it and then went downwind back to Kite Point where the wind was cleaner.

Dave P.


Day 3 (Monday, 4-7-14)

Had some rain and not much wind in the morning. At about 2-2:30 Dave and I were hanging out in the living room upstairs when we heard the wind pick up and hit the house. Had a great afternoon session on my 12M (and not a bad way to spend a Monday!)

Jimmy Q.




Dave P.


Bill B.


“Uhh, it’s not supposed to look like that, is it?” Bob B. “Nope.” Ken. Bob’s kite had a leak in it.


My spiffy, new 12M Best TS


Your humble guide and narrator


Me again




How NOT to stick a landing! (me again)


Me again (and to quote one of my favorite ski quotes: No one ever got hurt – in the air!)


Jon the Canadian


Jon the Canadian


Jon the Canadian


Day 4 (Tuesday, 4-8-14)

Great wind for most of the day, had a blast on my 12M! Kited behind our house then late in the afternoon Ken and I drove down to Kite Point and did a downwinder back up to our house. I was on my 12M, worried about the wind tailing off so I rode my Door but it was too big and I was lit! I had to depower my kite a little, still had fun.

Day 5 (Wednesday, 4-9-14)

Cranking out of the NE in the morning, my wind meter hit 29 mph in the gusts! I drove down to the Washout in Frisco, hooked up with Ken and Jon the Canadian just as they were landing their kites. I went out on my 7.5M and had a blast! Then I went back to our house and wanted to give Tom and Joanna a lesson but the wind died and shut down for the rest of the afternoon.

Had a great lunch, the Fish Tacos, at the Buxton Munch Company in Buxton.

Fish Tacos

Ken at the Washout


Ken at the Washout


There are great sunsets down at the OBX. It looks like the sun is setting over the water but it really isn’t. The bay at certain points is so big you can’t see mainland North Carolina.







Day 6 (Thursday, 4-10-14)

Another great day for wind and I got Tom up and riding on the 12M Liquid Force Envy I gave him and Joanna. He was on my Door board.

Day 7 (Friday, 4-11-14)

More great wind! I had a good morning session on my 15M. The wind picked up in the afternoon and I went out on my 12M. I was overpowered but every time I thought about going in to get my 7.5 I was able to hang on and deal with the wind. Ken, Andy and I did a slight up-winder from our house to this little cove Ken spotted south of the house. The water was really flat in the cove but when Ken went in there the bushes and trees knocked down the wind and he came right out because the wind was so fluky in there.

The Sweet Machine III/Mobile Living Unit at the restaurant/rest stop on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge

car 2

I brought my windsurfing gear but for the second year in a row didn’t use it.


Sign at the restaurant/rest area on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge


Thimble Shoal sign


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