LBI 4/29/10 to 5/3/10

Day 1, Thursday 4/29/10

It was cranking all day, a gusty WNW, hitting the low 30s in the gusts. I had major cleaning to do and some shopping. I bumped into JD and Uli at the Pathmark on Rt. 72 at about 4:30 p.m. We went back to the house and it was still scratching the low 30s so I put up my 4.0 but by the time I got out there it died considerably and I went back in, got my 7.5 and had a good sunset session on that. JD and Uli were kiting and Uli got her first LBI session in. Bob, Caren and Ken showed up that night.

Day 2, Friday 4/30/10

Sunny and beautiful and the wind turned on nicely at around 2:00 p.m. or so, high teens getting close to 20 or so in the gusts, a great afternoon!

Your humble guide and narrator



Ken and JD

Bob blastin’!

Lyle & Bob


JD & Uli

How not to load up windsurfing gear – unless you’re Billy-Paul and are entering a jousting competition!

Day 3, Sat. 5/1/10

Skunk city. Not much wind. Bummer.

Day 4, Sun. 5/2/10

A great day – wind all day! 6.2 sailing in the morning (a little overpowered but still good and Billy-Paul even rigged and went out!) and 7.5 sailing in the afternoon – great stuff!

Day 5, Mon. 5/3/10

A brief storm rolled through.

It was wacky and fluky all day, S then WNW. We launched out of a park not far from the house and had a major wind shadow to get through before getting to the wind. Once out there it was good, with a bizarre warm breeze blowing through, but gusty. Ken kited all the way back to the house. I tried but got overpowered on my 7.5, kept rounding up into the wind so I sailed back to the park we launched from.



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