Keansburg Beach, NJ 3-23-13

Had a blast on my 7.5 with my NJ crew on the Raritan Bay, Keansburg Beach, NJ.

Whitecaps = sweetness!

1 whitecaps

Ashley rigging in the background, Martin “I’ve got plenty of power!” flying his kite.

2 rigging

Konrad and Martin.

5 konrad & martin


6 konrad


7 chip


8 jim

Jim and Konrad. And behind the Keansburg Pier you can see the Freedom Tower (on the left) and the Verrazanno-Narrows Bridge.

9 jim & konrad


4 ashley 1

Your humble guide and narrator.

me 1

Me again.

me 2

Yours truly.

me 3

And moi.

me 9


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