Outer Banks, NC 2016

Another great year at the Outer Banks!

The two houses next to ours burned down a few months before our trip.

It was cranking on the first day!



Rob’s kite


Ken again


The first kite I ever bought, a 12M Liquid Force Envy (and a great kite, I beat the hell out of it, got a ton of use out of it and gave it to Tom and Joanna, it was their first kite and they got plenty of use out of it).

Drying some gear in the sun.


Your humble guide and narrator.

Bill and Bob


Whoa, cool!

There are great sunsets down at the OBX.

Ayy, the Outer Banks. Where only the strong survive!

The fantastic fish tacos from the Buxton Munch Company.

John the Canadian


Gettin’ lunar again!

Yikes – be careful!

The Real Kite Center, where I learned to kiteboard in 2011.

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel

One of the tunnels

Where one of the tunnels meets the bridge.

No, I stopped for the food, seriously.

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