Vail, CO 2009

Newark Airport – such strange yet wondrous sights!


Day 1 – Apres ski. Much needed. Always good!


Day 2 – didn’t bring my camera and I regret it. Caught some great powder runs in the morning over at Blue Sky Basin. Ripped a bump run after that – inadvertently, d’oh! Got lunch then skied cruisers on the front side. Apres skied hard at the Red Lion. Drank beer, shots of Train Wrecks (Grand Marnier and Jack Daniels, courtesy of John!) and shots of Jaegermeister. Miraculously, nobody puked on the shuttle bus back to the house.

Day 3 – Ted, our somewhat gracious, always fearless host!


Did I mention après ski?! Highlight of the trip so far: as we were getting ready to pay our tab at the Red Lion a member of our crew, who will remain anonymous, pretended to swipe his credit card between the breasts of one of the female members of the Atlanta Ski Club. Her reply: “Those are really expensive!”


Yup, more après ski! And just pretended to steal the pictures, long story, ask me when you see me.


“Scotty, fix that warp-drive now!”  “I can’t Jim, I need more time!”


Day 4 – more great skiing over at Blue Sky Basin. Caught fresh tracks, ankle-high powder and got in some great tree runs. And Ken made the call for John’s outfit: “He looks like he’s ready to invade the ice planet Hoth!”


Paul, emerging from the trees, bruised but not beaten.


Your humble guide and narrator.


An awesome tree run. Ski good or eat wood.


Day 6 – The mountain got about six inches of new snow last night which meant  BOOT-HIGH FRESHIES ALL DAY! It was some of the best powder I’ve seen in ten years, since Utah 1999. We got on the hill early, before 9:00 a.m. JD, Ken and I caught some great powder and tree runs off Blue Ox and Roger’s Run. We also found this cool, natural half-pipe (see pic below) in the trees off of Roger’s. After lunch we hit the Outer Mongolia Bowl and Blue Sky Basin – and still got fresh tracks! Apres skied at The George, their sesame-seared tuna and duck quesadillas are highly recommended! And we drank.


Your humble guide and narrator again – in the steep and deep!


Nice. Very nice!



2 Responses to “Vail, CO 2009”

  1. Uncle Allen Says:

    It’s great that you managed to fit some skiing into your drinking expedition.

  2. Did you ever get the wall fixed Scotty?

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