Outer Banks, NC 2009

Day 1   (3/28/09)

The belly of the beast – Ken’s van! We left Salisbury, MD early, about 7:40 a.m. Got to the house in Avon, NC at about 1:30 p.m. and were in the water by 3:30 p.m. The first hour the wind was light, I schlogged on my 7.5 while Bob was on a 6.7. Ken was on a 15-meter kite, whatever that means. Bob and I thought about calling it an afternoon but then the wind came up just enough for us to get on plane and have a great second hour. 


Day 2   (3/29/09)

The wind was cranking all day today, SSW, 18 – 35 mph, scratching 40 mph in the gusts. Small sails all around and at times I was overpowered on my 4.2. But still great stuff! 

Ayy, the Flemish Cap. A lot of fish. A lot of weather.


Ken, returning to his roots (on his 3.7).


“Tonight we’re gonna windsurf like it’s 1994!” Billy-Paul actually had to hand wash his mildew-covered c. 1994 4.0 Neil Pryde before finishing rigging it (it got covered with mildew serving as his boat cover).


Your humble guide and narrator (on my 4.2).


“Honey, what’s on after the Daily Show?”  “I don’t know. And do you smell paprika?” 


Day 3  (3/30/09)

The wind was cranking again, all morning. It mellowed out after lunch.


Dave and Bob.


Dave, blastin’!


Bob, blastin’!


Day 4  (3/31/09)

A light day, sunny. Got out on my 7.5 for about an hour in the morning, planed maybe half the time.

Day 5  (4/1/09)

“Dave is planeing!” “Dave is planeing!” Didn’t need the Baumannizer as Billy alerted the house to what we were watching – Dave out on the water. Dave smelled wind in the late afternoon and caught it on his 6.7. Everybody else went out on 6.0s, I had my 7.5 rigged, took that, got maybe 30 – 45 minutes of good sailing before it shut down. Earlier in the day we cruised down to Frisco, hit some windsurfing shops. Dave, Bob and Ken showed me the first two houses (High Times and Cat’s Meow) the original crew rented back in the 1990s when they started coming down here. We also drove by Vision Aerie and Devon’s Landing (the other two houses, and the first two I’ve been here for). Bob bought a 6.2 Simmer, Ken bought a 5.3 Goya. I bought a new waist harness with a lumbar / lower back support that I desperately need.

Day 6  (4/2/09)

No wind. Nothing to report. Bummer.

Day 7  (4/3/09)

A cranking, gusty SSW wind, all day, averaging high 20s to low 30s. Everybody was out on small sails. I had some decent runs on my 4.2 but was overpowered. I just glanced at the TV and the Weather Channel says it’s gusting to 43 mph. There’s also a Wind Advisory in effect until 8:00 p.m. Gust update: 48! Ugghh, I need a smaller sail and smaller, lighter board! 

Ken and Lyle


Why you shouldn’t windsurf on a 4.2 sail when the gusts are hitting the mid-40s – equipment starts to break! (I broke a mast) 


Day 8 – 4/4/09

Sun and wind, all day! I had two great sessions on my 6.2, then a late afternoon sesh on my 7.5. Ken got out on his new 12-meter Liquid Force Havoc kite. JD was on his 12-meter Cabrinha kite. 

Michael Jordan?! Ken don’t need no stinkin’ Michael Jordan!


Darth Vader rules! Lyle blastin’ on his 6.2 (that sort of looks like Darth Vader!)


Day 9 – 4/5/09

A sunny, beautiful day, 71 degrees but no wind. Hit some shops again. Ken is single-handedly trying to keep the local economy afloat and bought a new 8-foot surfboard – to go along with the new sail and kite he bought!

I took a break from making the dinner salad to catch a great sunset.



Day 10 – 4/6/09

The wind is cranking out of the south again, hitting 37 mph in the gusts. There’s also thunderstorms and lightning that we’re waiting for to pass. Hopefully if the lightning stops we’ll get out at some point in the day. Update: I got out for a few runs on my 4.2 earlier but was overpowered. The weather is crazy down here now, gusts hitting 49 mph and there’s even a tornado watch in effect. Wacky! Update update: Ken got several sessions in today on small sails, I got out once in the late afternoon and was overpowered again on my 4.2. I tried two boards Ken is demoing, a Mistral and Exocet, both are 84 liters and agreed with Ken and liked the Exocet better. JD got out on his new kite and board and liked his new toys.

JD incognito – sort of!


JD, wondering where all the snow is!


Day 11 – Tuesday 4/7/09

A little chilly today, 48 degrees, with the water at 61 degrees. It’s 11:00 a.m. and iwindsurf says it’s blowing 13 – 21, averaging 16.5. I just checked my drysuit and the neck seal in torn and done. I’m bumming, oh well. The wind was up and down all day. I went out on my 6.2, schlogged, went back in, took out my 7.5 and had a great session on that. The wind died and I went in, hit the hot tub, drank a beer. The wind came up again but my body is sore and I called it a day. Just finished watching the movie The Happening. I’m scared and hope the old lady (actually the second Mom from Eight is Enough!) doesn’t start putting her head through the windows in the basement room where I’m sleeping!

Day 12 – Wednesday 4/8/09

Another killer day on the water. I got two 6.2 sessions in before lunch and two 7.5 sessions in after lunch. Every time I got on plane I thought not a bad way to spend a Wednesday! My body is killing me and I don’t think I’ve ever been this hurting in my life – but it’s a good hurting! JD made his world-famous fish stew for dinner and his parents have been making the most incredible meals all week. I haven’t eaten this good since I worked in a five-star restaurant in Colorado 20 years ago!

Thank goodness for super-sticky sail tape! I just barely fixed the neck seal on my drysuit and was able to use it today.


Bonding with nature.


4-10-09 to 4-12-09

Had a great morning sesh on my 7.5, Ken and JD were kiting. Did one last hot tub then hit the road with Ken. We made the obligatory stop at the Hooters in New Castle, Delaware before rolling into LBI at around 1:30 a.m.

Had a great two weeks down at the Outer Banks this year. Finished the trip by spending the weekend at LBI with Ken and JD. On Saturday it was really cold and windy and we didn’t hit the bay. Ken and I drank beer and shot pool, Ken split after lunch. JD showed up around 8:30 p.m. Sunday was also really cold and windy. I went out on my 5.0 but my hands were freezing and I went back in after two runs. Drank beer and shot pool with JD.

Moon over LBI.




7 Responses to “Outer Banks, NC 2009”

  1. Good times! Looks like amazing conditions…. and yes, I’m very jealous.

  2. Big Bitch Says:

    NICE…What’s daily high temps? The pic of ken or any other for that matter could be from 1993-2008! I Love it! Give us some compound shots, beach, yard kitchen, pool room hot tub, etc…

  3. Sweet! Gotta love that wind! You’ve got me psyched.

  4. I put the deposit down on Only Pennys[sic] for week 2 next year. Start saving your vacation time boys. (And girls!)

  5. Uncle Allen Says:

    Great pix (esp. the sunset/full moon ones). But I think I’m most impressed by the way you packed that van.

  6. Pretty cool Lyle! Must have been some SERIOUS wind to break the mast!

  7. Nice job capturing the week in a few shots! It keeps me motivated. Working to stay on schedule for Hat 2010! Knee is feeling better but I have to hold off until Spring. I don’t think I am quite ready for an over the handlebars slam with my feet buried in the straps!

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